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Surf Retreat for men and women

What are SwellCo-ed surf retreats?

As the name suggests, SwellCo-ed surf retreats are open to men and women adventurers and couples. SwellCo-ed is designed both for first-time surfers eager to try the ancient sport of surfing in an atmosphere of supportive friendship, and for experienced surfers who want to share their passion for the waves. The wellness vacation is suited to couples who want to surf together and like-minded adults interested in surfing with someone new.

How did SwellCo-ed begin?

This unique retreat was inspired in part by the founder, Me-Shell Mijangos’s personal story. She found love on a longboard and was courted by her now husband on the some of the same waves where her guests learn to surf. Me-Shell then expanded her vision to create a program where like-minded men and women can enjoy the company of their mates, or make new friends on the waves and on their yoga mat.

What is included in the SwellCo-ed program?

All the wonderful items that are included in our SwellWomen retreats are also included in our SwellCo-ed packages. The programs are essentially the same with the exception of bringing men and women together to enjoy surfing in paradise.

How do I sign up?

We have launched several SwellCo-ed retreats in 2016 to 4 destinations.  Check out our Rates & Dates page for compete details.  If we don’t have dates that are compatible with your travel schedule, we offer custom retreats to groups of 8 or more. If you have a group of 8 or more and would like to participate in a SwellCo-ed Wellness Adventure,  please visit our contact page and let us know. Once we receive your request, we will get started on creating a memorable surf vacation  for you and your friends. Even if you do not have a group of 8, let us know, as there is a possibility that we can add you to an existing custom group.