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Your surf potential is limitless! Whether you’re just getting into surfing or you want to boost your already well-developed abilities, using the affirmations below will help shape you into the surfer you want to become.

Our fabulous September 2012 SwellWomen group!

Practicing these affirmations to help you find peace of mind while out on the water, build your confidence, and stay focused on the positive.  Recite them daily for best results!

12 Surfing Affirmations

  • I am confident in my surfing skills
  • I feel comfortable in the water
  • Staying balanced on the board comes naturally to me
  • I have spectacular surfing abilities
  • I am comfortably connected to my board giving me excellent balance
  • I have the endurance to paddle back out
  • I find it easy to stay on the board
  • I can surf well with minimal effort
  • I am talented at popping up on my board
  • I naturally know when to catch a wave
  • Surfing is a positive thing in my life
  • I embrace the excitement of surfing a big waves