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Image from eastcoastwahines.com

Image from eastcoastwahines.com

Life is a journey, and much like surfing, sticking to a few basic rules or courtesies can make the ride a lot smoother.

The rules of surfing are universal codes. Let’s see how surfing etiquette can so easily apply to us all in our every day life…

1. No Dropping In.

This surf etiquette rule reminds us that in life we should respect and honor other people’s choices in their life’s purpose.

2. Wait your Turn.

Being aware of your place in the queue in your journey for anything is a great life skill.

3. Don’t get out of your Depth.

Much the same in the real world, we all need to realize our limitations.

4. Respect the Locals.

We all know the saying “When in Rome..”.

5. Keep Control.

In life’s journey you need to be responsible for yourself and your well being.

6. No Discrimination.

Opening up your mind to others regardless of gender, race or religion can be great for expanding your soul.

7. Look out for others.

If you see someone needing assistance, help them.

8. No Rage.

Breathe in with love and out with love.

9. Right of Way.

Give way when you need to. Unnecessary confrontations in life just take up energy that is best used for more positive activities.

10. Respect the Environment.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos or memories.

Life’s journey will always be an adventure. Enjoy the ride of the wave. Smooth waves are the best, but not knowing what the next set of waves will bring always adds to the excitement of life.

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