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Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing with warm water temperatures, the world’s best waves and plenty of Aloha.  Hawaii is THE best place on earth to attend a women’s surf camp. Check out our top 3 picks for the best surf spots on Maui’s north shore. Have you been?  Tell us about your experiences or introduce us to YOUR favorite north shore surf spot on Maui!

Ho'okipa Beach Park. Photo credit: http://mauiguidebook.com/beaches/hookipa-beach-park/

Photo credit: http://mauiguidebook.com/

Ho’okipa    Located on the North shore of Maui just off of the Hana Highway, Ho’okipa is known not only for its amazing surf, but also as a world-class windsurfing spot. Offering one of the most consistent breaks on the island and a lot of options for both lefts and rights, Ho’okipa is best for North, Northwest, West and East swells. This surf spot is favored by locals and recommended for advanced surfers on big days when there can be a strong riptide and back-to-back sets.  As always, we advise surfers watch the water before entering and time their paddle out to be safe.  For beginners, we suggest choosing a  day with softer surf and low winds.  Hazards of Ho’okipa include sharp rocks, strong currents, shallow reef and the occasional shark.


Waiehu Beach Park. Photo credit: The Maui News / AMANDA COWAN photo

Photo credit: The Maui News / AMANDA COWAN photo

Waiehu Beach Park   Waiehu Beach Park is located along the North central coast just off highway 30.  The break is very reliable on a North and Northeast swell throwing big barrels both right and left.  Recommended for the experienced surfer, waves can quickly build to head high or larger with a strong rip current.  If winds turn onshore, expect the area to be crowded with kite boarders.  Hazards include sharp rocks along the shore and coral reef.


Kahului Harbor. Photo credit: http://www.mauisurfvacation.com

Photo credit: http://www.mauisurfvacation.com

Kahului Harbor    The Harbor offers tight barreling waves during a northeast and southwest swell.  Located on the north central shore of Maui in the Kahului Bay, this surf spot is recommended for experienced surfers only, as it is known for wipeouts that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Wedging off the jetties, the short and fast waves in the Harbor can be big swells with heavy lefts and rights. Hazards included a strong current on big days and sharp rocks along the shoreline.