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Some information you need to know when entering the world of surfing. Enjoy!

Some Surfing Do’s And Don’t’s:

  • Alcohol – Save drinking for after surf bragging sessions.
  • Be Aware – of other surfers & water users, the surf conditions, & where you are surfing.
  • Comfort Zone – Surf in waves you are comfortable in, don?t get in over your head.
  • Fitness – Make sure you are physically fit when surfing.
  • Food – Do not go surfing for at least 45 mins after a meal.
  • Fun – Surfing is about fun, keep that in mind when you are in the waves.
  • Patrolled Beaches – When surfing a patrolled beach stay within the designated area.
  • Priority – Always make sure that you are not taking anyone else’s wave.
  • Practice – If you want to improve, be in the water as often as possible.
  • Respect – the locals if you visit a beach. Remember that you are a guest.
  • Rips – If you get caught in a rip, paddle parallel to the beach until you are free.
  • Sun Block – Wear a good waterproof sunblock.
  • Surf Buddy – Always surf with at least one other person.
  • Surf Conditions – Make sure the surf is safe. Check it out while warming up.
  • Throw or Hold – Know when to hold onto your surfboard & when to get rid of it. (When paddling out keep hold of your board, you’ll get out to the line up more quickly, and not put anyone paddling out behind you at risk. If you are about to wipe-out then get rid of your board. An injury is more likely to be sustained if you and your board are getting washed around together).

swellwomen_surf wipeout

Enjoy your ride when you know the do’s and don’ts!