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As we count down to the stroke of midnight on New Years, we often reflect on the past and, more importantly, consider the possibilities of our future.  A growing movement over the past few years, affirmations have become the resolutions of our time.  Let us ring in the New Year with 15 of our favorite affirmations by Louis L. Hay, Max eternity, and Ray Davis.

Making waves

1. “I love myself, therefore, I behave in a loving way to all people for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied.” -Louise L. Hay

2. “In The Mirror I See A Beautiful Reflection of Me” Our outside world is often an accurate reflection of our inner world.  Who and what have told ourselves that we are? -Max eternity

3. “I am the change I want to see in my world.” -Ray Davis

4. “I breathe in every experience life has to offer and exhale a life well lived.” -Ray Davis

5. “I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe.” -Louise L. Hay

6. “Everything I need Comes My Way With Ease.” Rivers and oceans flow in spite of the living creatures, rocks and waves within them, our lives operate much in the same way. -Max eternity

7. “In this moment all is as it should be.” -Max eternity

8. “I Open My Arms To The New” What happens tomorrow will be new, just as yesterday is already old.  -Max eternity

9. “We Create What We Believe” An action cannot be taken without a thought.  Who is the master of your mind? -Max eternity

10. “I speak knowing that I am felt and heard.” -Max eternity


11. “I Deserve To Believe In Me” The most powerful validation is self-approval. -Max eternity

12. “I Choose An Attitude Of Gratitude” -Max eternity

13. “I am bigger than my doubts, bolder than my fears, and stronger than my obstacles.” -Ray Davis

14. “I choose to live in the sunshine of my possibilities, rather than the shadows of my doubt.” -Ray Davis

15. “This year I follow my bliss. This year I experience my bliss. This year I become my bliss.” -Ray Davis

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