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As we all know, life can be unpredictable and we encourage our guests to consider travel insurance for their wonderful adventures on Maui.  The following are 5 tips to help inform you about insuring your SwellWomen surf vacation.

1. Cancellation Protects Pre-paid Trip Costs
Trip cancellation reimburses you for your pre-paid trip costs in the event you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason. Be sure you read the coverage so you understand the circumstances in which you can and cannot cancel your trip and make a claim. If you think standard trip cancellation won’t cover all the reasons you may have to cancel, consider ‘cancel for any reason’ as additional protection.

2. Injuries or Illnesses may Require Medical Treatment
On SwellWomen retreats, your personal safety is critical to us, and we do everything in our power to prevent accidents. Should you become ill or get injured, however, covering your medical treatment costs is important. If you do not have health insurance, or will have to pay out-of-network prices (call your health insurance provider to check), this coverage is really quite inexpensive.

3. Your Bags may Take a Different Path than Your Own
There are many reasons your bags may not arrive when you do. Baggage coverage gives you some cash to replace the things you lost and are necessary for your trip, including a new swimsuit.

4. Interruption Coverage in Case You are Called Home
No one wants to get these calls, but they happen. If you are called home to handle an emergency of any kind, trip interruption coverage can reimburse your remaining pre-paid trip costs and give you extra funds for airline change fees and other unexpected return trip costs.

5. Sometimes You Need Someone on Your Side
All travel insurance plans come with a toll-free number to call if you get into a jam. Having someone to call can make it easier to recover from an unpredictable situation faster and get back to your retreat!

Author Bio: Damian Tysdal founded Travel Insurance Review in 2006 on the belief that travel insurance should be easier to understand. See their travel insurance comparison tool to insure your surf vacation.