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I once heard a beautiful story about why we resist change so much. It goes like this…

There was a time before our souls were born when we were so close to source that it was like constantly being curled up in the lap of a loving mother. We were really just a twinkle in the eye of the great creator. When source decided to reflect itself and send a stereophonic expansion of love outward, our souls were born. And they will never end.

We were given the gift of free will; the freedom to shine love in our unique way forever. This was the greatest gift of love from source, but because we did not know anything other than direct connection, the change felt like abandonment. In our confusion we misinterpreted the gift as rejection and our hearts broke.

And we have been afraid of change ever since.

We assuage this fear every time we turn inward and reconnect to the love that we are. When we feel that love and let it rise up, we remember where we came from and we remember that we are never alone.  This inner connection is essential in times of change to keep us steady and reaching for expansion rather than clinging to the past.