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Gratitude Auction

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4 Retreat Spots on Maui

November 15-21, 2015





Gratitude Auction

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November is the month of Gratitude and as the new owner of SwellWomen, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to inspire women from all around the world.  As a token of this gratitude, we are encouraging women to follow their bliss to Maui by making their best offer via our Gratitude Auction. Let’s make dreams come true in 2015!
RETREAT DATES:  November 15-21, 2015
For complete retreat details, go to:  http://www.swellwomen.com/retreat-details/rates-and-dates

Auction Items  4 Spots Double Occupancy
Start Date      November 27, 2014 at 9am
Close Date    December 3 , 2014 at midnight
Bids Start at     US $1,800.00
Max Bid     US $2,795.00 (includes Aloha Discount)
Terms     4 Spots go to the highest 4 bidders
$500 deposit due upon registration which much be completed within 24 hours of winners being announced.
Balance paid in full by July 1, 2015

Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life.  The Secret

Starting at $1,800.00

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    Testimonial of the Month

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    Look what Kirsten S from Germany has to say about her blissful SwellWomen experience:

    Kirstin SurfK:  Joining SwellWomen on a Maui retreat was truly life changing for me and one of my biggest adventures to date. Maui is just an amazing and peaceful place to be. The beaches, the ocean, nature and the atmosphere are epic. There’s no place I would rather be!

    On this wonderful  retreat, I met some of the loveliest and most fun ladies ever. It was amazing how well the group got along and respected everyone’s personality. It’s just sad we didn’t have more time together. And then… I met the love of my life: Surfing. I barely have words to describe this experience. Being out on the ocean, riding the waves, paddling out again and again to get another ride, feeling dizzy from the waves. All this brought me pure bliss and I can’t wait to catch my next wave.

    Kirsten, what are you doing today to follow your bliss?
    I locked in my Maui experience into my heart. Every now and then I pull out a picture or piece of memory and enjoy it. That’s my type of meditation. I try to be more of the person SwellWomen brought out of me – and to live aloha.  And needless to say, I’m already planning my next retreat.

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    Janaportrait-300x188Chef Jana McMahon’s interest in food started early… in the kitchen of her parents and at the ovens of her grandmothers.

    A degreed horticulturalist and cuisine savvy, her dishes utilize locally grown fresh Hawaiian product, simply yet elegantly prepared.

    Her 20 plus years of cooking experience spans from working “in the trenches” under accomplished Colorado chefs in several fine dining restaurants in Denver and Vail, partner in Glorious Food Catering in Maui, Executive Chef onboard the Hawaiian Based, Yacht Kakela, to owner of a Maui based private chef service.

    Jana has appeared on The Travel Channel and Hawaiian Moving Company.
    She is a Hawaii Master Gardener, a beekeeper and a champion of local food producers.
    She is a founding board member of Slow Food Maui and a member of Chef’s Collaborative.  Jana volunteers for Grow Some Good, Maui school garden advocates & educators, in her spare time.

    Jana is also a Culinary and Agricultural Consultant for TERI,  in San Diego.

    She is one busy lady and we at SwellWomen are grateful that she dedicated her time for this interview.   Ladies & Gentleman….I introduce to you one of the most amazing women I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last 5 years.    Read and get inspired…..

     Jana 1Q: Jana, tell us about your Private Chef business and how it came to be.

    My business evolved out of recognizing a niche or need for in home chef services for people vacationing on Maui.  I had recently left my job as Executive Chef aboard the Hawaiian based Yacht Kakela and had some severance pay.  Marketing to property managers with an offer to sample some of my food got my foot in the door and the rest is history.  Chef Jana McMahon. LLC will celebrate 10 years next spring.  I am a chef with a degree in agriculture.  I am fortunate to be able to share the story of my food with my clients which in turn connects them to the meal in a delicious way….a great way to share Hawaii and it’s culture.

    Q: That’s awesome Jana!  What message would you give to inspire SwellWomen?

    Following your passion is important.  I find if someone is passionate about something they are generally pretty good at it.  Keep refining that which gets you up in the morning, whether that’s growing a carrot, raising a child, moving a paintbrush on a canvas, perfecting a yoga pose or catching a wave….keep at it. Growth is what fuels me as a human.

    I also have a consulting business which takes me to San Diego frequently where I collaborate with TERI, a non-profit which educates and houses people touched by autism and developmental disabilities.  I have been able to use my passions for food and farming to help TERI create a healthy culture. I helped install organic urban farms and gardens at TERI’s group homes which feed residents organic weekly produce, create 365 days of healthy menus which has dropped the residential obesity rate from 85-15% and create a healthy affordable lunch program for staff.

    Jana Kiteboarding

    Q: You are most definitely an inspiring SwellWoman Jana.  What advice do you have for women that want to start their own business?

    Pay attention to the market.  Keep your message and marketing simple and direct.  Don’t fall into the mistake of “clever” business names.  For example, I noticed a business named “Smooth Moves”.  I had no idea if it was a yoga studio, smoothies or colonics. (It was a smoothie store which is no longer in business.)


    Q: What has surfing taught you about yourself?

    Surfing has helped my practice of staying in the moment.  When surfing, I am literally no where else but right there in the water looking, watching and waiting for the next wave.  It helps me practice getting out my monkey mind chatter and just be.  A glorious perfect gift of a present moment in time.

    Jana KiteBoarding 2

    Q: That gives me goosebumps!  One last question – What are 3 things that give you bliss?

    • Feeding people is a blissful gift.  When you feed folks you can’t help but fall in love with them.  It’s wonderful.
    • Surfing is bliss.  Healthy, mindful and active, a perfect commune with nature.
    • Time spent with my tribe of family and friends creates bliss.  Laughter, I am certain, has lengthened my life.  Lucky lucky fortunate me.

    For complete details on Jana’s Private Chef Services and Mouth-Watering Menus, check out her website:  www.ChefJana.com .

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    Goofy Foot Instructor Spotlight

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    This month we had the opportunity to interview Luke Adolfson, an amazing Surf Instructor from Goofy Foot.   Luke headed up our SwellWomen Surf Classes in September which received raving reviews.  He had a huge success rate taking novice surfers from learning the basics to riding their first wave of bliss by day 3.  Read on to learn more about this awesome guy….

    Luke Surfing

    Q: Tell us about a little about you and what you do ~ How long have you been surfing?  How long have you been coaching?  Why do you do what you do?  How does it bring joy into your life?

    I was raised in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, have been surfing for 14 years and coaching for 8 years.
    I look at surfing as a God given gift and I love to share the gift with anybody and everybody especially when they show an appreciation for the ocean and the sport.
    Surfing is like no other sport. Many surfers will say they have had a spiritual experience when they surf. It’s amazing, even just to be in the water (especially in Maui), but to feel the power of the wave is exhilarating. There is an infinite amount to grasp when learning how to surf. There are so many dynamics with the ocean being so immense and the amazing sensation of actually riding a wave makes it addicting. Many people start and don’t ever want to stop. Some even have full body make-overs (by losing over 80lbs in specific situation). Others adjust their whole lifestyle to be able to surf or surf better. Seeing this transformation in people’s lives makes my job one of the best in the world.

    Q: Tell us about your most memorable surf day.

    My most memorable surf day is a hard one to answer.  There are so many definitions of a perfect session. Whether it be half a foot waves and you and all your best friends are messing around having a blast, or you’re surfing the best wave of your life at the most coveted surf spot you have ever dreamed about. Or there’s the session when you take out a person who otherwise wouldn’t be able to surf by themselves and share the incredible “time of their lives” with them, or there’s the days when you’re surfing in a third world country and meet new friends and later rescue them from moped riding, machete swinging bandits(no exaggeration) and become friends for life. The adventures of surfing are remarkable.

    Luke Land LessonQ: What do you think the biggest fear/challenge is for a beginner surfer and how would you advise to overcome it?

    When beginners are nervous about surfing, it is usually a fear of getting hurt. The best way to overcome that is to first, be safe. Find someone who can teach you the RIGHT WAY and is very knowledgeable about the ocean. When people have bad experiences with surfing it usually is because they tried it on their own or had some raunchy instruction. A good instructor will comfort you through the anxiety and nervousness of surfing. Jodel & Luke Lesson

    Q: Which ProSurfer inspires you the most?

    The pro surfer that inspires me the most is my friend Torrey Meister. I have been able to see his journey and trials and him overcome them.

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    Testimonial of the Month

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    Laura Oct NewsletterLook what Laura R from the UK has to say about her blissful SwellWomen experience ~

    L:  When signing up to go to the SwellWomen retreat I completely underestimated what a life changing holiday it would be.
    From the location in Maui, the Yoga location & instructors, the surf school, to the incredible new friends I made, this was a holiday of a life time! It gives you a time out and the chance to re-charge and re-connect with yourself.

    Since my return to the UK, my time has been spent doing the following:

    • Planning all the destinations I want to go and surf
    • Watching ASP coverage as I am completely hooked.
    • And rather than feeling like I am in a race to achieve certain parts of life we are brought up to expect, I feel like I have the freedom to really enjoy each day in whichever way makes me happy.

    I’m excited to see what adventure will be next!

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    Katherine Headshot

    This month we shine the spotlight on Katherine Wilder, Founder of The Wilder Way.  Katherine’s yoga journey began in 2001 with an invitation to join a friend for a power yoga class at the YMCA, that was all it took.  She left class feeling so expanded and free as well as intimately connected in her body and mind that she knew she needed to share this gift with as many people as she could.  In 2004, this desire to teach lead Katherine to The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica for a month long intensive of diving deep into herself and the teachings of the ancient system of yoga.  It was the first time that she began to experience these Universal Truths and a sense of  “remembering” that all of the answers have always been within. Her asana practice and self study deepened for several years which then lead her to the philosophy of Tantric Yoga through the Anusara Yoga method.  These teachings have had the most influence on Katherine’s life, yoga practice, and teaching style, unveiling the deepest experience and understanding of connection between the spirit, mind, & body. It is this understanding that fuels her teachings, Katherine encourages her students to remember the importance of having fun and how to play in the realms of the mind and body liberating the spirit.  She has learned through experience that creating proper alignment in the mind and body allows for freedom in heart.  It is through the power of these potent teachings that Katherine’s light playful nature lives and her classes encourage others to do the same. Katherine’s yoga practice and teachings have been accompanied by a therapeutic massage practice for the past 14 years, which shows up in her classes as a deep understanding of how the body works and lots of yummy hands on adjustments. Katherine is most grateful and blessed for all the amazing teachers in her life that have so openly shared their wisdom, passion, and hearts along this path of consciousness. She desires to share the same with her students.


    SwellWomen…I introduce to you….the amazing & gifted Katherine Wilder!

    Q: Katherine, tell us about your massage practice & what motivated you to start your business, The Wilder Way?

    I have been blessed to be practicing therapeutic massage for 14 years.  After 4 years in the spa industry, there didn’t  seem to be much room for therapeutic bodywork or education.  So, 10 years ago I was inspired to start freelancing as I found that it offered more freedom with my scheduling, how I wanted to treat my clients, and what I could offer.  With the work I facilitate, the client/therapist relationship is very important to the work and healing process.  Freelancing allows me the time and energy to cultivate those kinds of relationships with my clientele.  Having a larger client base also keeps me motivated as the more people I see and treat, the more it seems people are very interested in learning about their mind body connection and how important posture and body mechanics are to them.  We only have 1 body, which is our vehicle for this lifetime, how we treat it is of utmost importance.  My style is unique to the industry, so this year I launched The Wilder Way which encompasses my philosophy with the therapeutic work I do and the type of yoga I teach.

    Q: What advice do you have for women looking to find more balance in their lives?

    My first bit of “advice” for anyone who thinks their life is out of balance would be to ask themselves, “Which parts of my life do I think are out of balance?”  and “Why?” We cannot shift until we recognize what needs shifting.  So first things first, identify what you would like to shift or change.  I would then suggest to categorize your goals into short term and long term.  With any changes to our lives, we need to be realistic as we are generally going to experience a little bit of resistance.  Also keep in mind that we want to create long lasting changes that will serve us in the highest.  There is a lot to be said with being gentle with ourselves, the “dictator mentality” hardly ever wins and is no fun!  The simple concepts of “We are what we eat!”  as well as “We are what we think” will go a long way! So balance in all aspects of the SELF ~ mind.body.spirit are of utmost importance.  I would also suggest  having fun along the journey, life is short!

    Q: Tell us, as a yoga teacher, therapeutic massage therapist and surfer, how does yoga benefit surfing?

    There are five benefits that come straight to mind:

    • You become more flexible, enabling your “pop up” to be that much faster & agile
    • The breath work in yoga keeps you calm in the water & when you wipe out!
    • It builds strength & stamina in the upper body to enable paddling to be more efficient
    • The pose of cobra & up dog is the same as when you “pop up” so you’re building muscle memory
    • It helps with balance & body awarenessKatherine Yoga 2

    Q: What has surfing taught you about yourself?

    Surfing has taught me to be patient as there will always be another wave! It has created a humbleness in me unlike any other sport as surfing is so incredibly challenging & the ocean so powerful that you always have to be aware and respectful of nature. Being in the water reminds me how awesome Mother Nature is and last but not least I can go surf all by myself, which makes it very peaceful!

    Q: What are 3 things that give you bliss?

    • The sun, sand, and ocean, which generally lead to surf!!!
    • Traveling
    • Teaching and sharing what I have learned along this amazing life journey, as well as learning from others

    Katherine Yoga

    Words Katherine lives by…
    “To live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong.”
    ~ Joseph Chilton Pierce

    Ladies, as you go off and about your daily life, be mindful to experience moments of joy. The joy of freshly washed sheets… the joy of a morning yoga session… the joy of time spent with laughing little ones.
    When you’re ready for a an entire week of blissful experiences, consider a SwellWomen vacation in paradise. Find your bliss learning to surf the world’s best waves.  Check out our rates & dates!

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    “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid.  Courage means you don’t let fear stop you”
    – Bethany Hamilton

    If you haven’t heard, On September 13, 2015 Me-Shell Mijangos sold her  11 year business to Lulu Agan.

    SwellWomen meet Lulu Agan:

    Lulu Sunset Surf

    Lulu is a Private Chef by trade with four main passions in life:  Surfing, Yoga, Cooking & Wellness. Her driving factor is:  To Inspire and Be Inspired.  So when Me-Shell, a long standing friend, approached her with the news that she wanted to sell SwellWomen, it made perfect sense to pull out all the stops and find a way to carry on with her 11 year legacy.

    Lulu’s goal is to live life to the fullest by doing the things that bring her the most joy.   With the purchase of SwellWomen she aims to inspire people around the world to follow their bliss which brings her to share some very exciting news.

    SwellWomen Is Going International!!!

    Mark your calendar SwellWomen as the first half of 2015 is already shaping into an amazing year of blissful retreats.  Our first back-to-back retreats on Maui will be ~ January 18-24 // January 25-31 hosted at the Sheraton Black Rock.  Lulu picked these dates as it’s Whale Season which is spectacular if you haven’t experienced Maui during this time.  What a way to start the New Year, right?   We will also be launching 2 new luxury retreats in Nicaragua ~ April 12-17 // April 18 -25.  We are still in the process of updating the 2015 registration process and uploading all the Nicaraguan details , so let us know if you are interested and we will email you as soon as possible with details.  http://www.swellwomen.com/about/contact-us

    Lulu believes strongly in the beauty and importance of being empowered and empowering those around her.  Surfing and yoga feeds her soul and she hopes to share this bliss with women all around the world!

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    Stand-Up Paddleboarding, also referred to as SUP-ing. SwellWomen is one of the only women’s surf camps in the world that also offers this fun-filled activity to our guests.

    SwellWomen SUP

    SwellWomen SUP Lesson

    What does SUP-ing have to do with a women’s surf camp?

    By offering SUP-ing, in addition to surfing, you have reason to extend your water time, all whilst improving and strengthening your surfing skills. We love SUP-ing because it offers a strong ‘core’ workout, and is a wonderful cross trainer for surfing. It helps with balance and helps tone the legs.

    SUP-ing also allows our land locked guests the opportunity to cross train for surfing at home; visit your nearest lake and practice your SUP-ing there!

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    Patricia Kwok is a New York fashionista turned entrepreneur. She combined her passion for fashion and her love of surfing to create a lifestyle brand of chic surf gear for women. We interviewed Patricia to find out how her business and love of surfing has impacted her life. 

    *Summer Swimsuits Giveaway*

    KEA is one of our awesome prize sponsors for the
    SwellWomen Summer of Swimsuits Giveaway.
    Get details and enter to win. 

    > KEA is gifting the winner a brand new Byron Bikini valued at $160!


    Q: Tell us about your brand, KEA, how did it come to be?

    KEAKEA came about after I quit my job in the fashion industry in New York. I took a month long surf trip to Nicaragua and became inspired to start my own label.
    KEA is a surf-inspired lifestyle brand for women who want to be active in the water but still look chic!

    Q: What advice do you have for women interested in starting their own business?

    I would tell them to imagine they had all the money in the world and then ask themselves if they would still be passionate about starting their own business.


    Q: That’s a great answer. As a SwellWomen alumni, can you speak to your experience learning to surf in Maui and how surfing has impacted your life?

    Surfing with SwellWomen in Maui was a great way to learn how to surf. The retreat offered great instruction and the beaches were beautiful. The group of women who attended came from diverse backgrounds and I still keep in touch with some of them 5 years on!

    Q: How has surfing made an impact on your life?

    As for how surfing has changed my life, it taught me to be patient (similar to waiting for a good wave) but also to be bold and act with conviction (like committing to a wave that might feel a bit too much). It’s kind of cool to live like you surf.

    Tweet: “Be bold and act with conviction

    like committing to a wave

    that feels a bit too much.”

    - Patricia Kwok, KEA


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    SwellWomen Business Spotlight:: Carly Williams, The Sideways Approach via @SwellWomenCarly Williams is a health & lifestyle coach for from Colorado. Through her business, The Sideways Approach, she helps passionate women take an interest in their health, feel more energetic and find perfect balance in life.

    For Carly, paddling out to a wave on her surfboard and snowboarding a fresh trail down a mountain is about going with the flow and reinforces the value of being present. We interviewed Carly about her business, surfing, and advice she has for other women …


    Q: How did your background marketing snowboard, surf, and skateboard brands lead to you starting your own business?

    A: Being in the action sports industry for over eight years allowed me to meet some really cool girls who are living out their dream of surfing, snowboarding or skating professionally. I was really inspired by these women and felt that the lifestyle that goes along with these sports can be incorporated into the lives of all females.

    I noticed that each of these top athletes cultivate a positive mindset, healthy living, unlimited passion and a strong sense for adventure. I want to encourage all women to embrace these attributes regardless of where they are at in their life. I also learned a lot about marketing while working on so many great brands alongside industry leaders and that provided me with the business skills I needed to feel confident enough to venture out on my own. The rest is just purely riding on a dream to run a business I believe in and connect with women all around the world.

    SwellWomen Business Spotlight:: Carly Williams, The Sideways Approach via @SwellWomen

    Q: What has surfing taught you about yourself?

    A: One of the many lessons I have learned from surfing is about non-resistance and going with the flow in all areas of life. In the water when I hurry and try to manipulate the surfboard into doing what I want I stumble and fall. Yet, when I breathe calmly, stay present and let the wave pick me up and guide me I go for a ride every time.

    Just like in life when I try to force and push and pull things to happen I usually end up frustrated and confused. However, if I just go with it and do not resist what life has to offer, things beautifully fall into place.


    Q: What advice do you have for women looking to find more balance in their lives?

    SwellWomen Business Spotlight:: Carly Williams, The Sideways Approach via @SwellWomen

    A: I think for all women it is important to take time and evaluate our current life situation and determine where we are off balance. I believe that the foundations of balance include, good nutrition, regular physical activity, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, some sort of spiritual practice and community involvement. If we find that one or more of these foundations is a little off it is easy to balance it out again by slowly incorporating small, positive, manageable changes into our daily lives.

    Whether it be adding more greens into our diet or finding a new outdoor activity that makes us feel good or taking interest in something we are passionate about just make sure to do things that bring ultimate joy and never ending adventure. 


    Don’t miss your chance to WIN two hours of health & lifestyle coaching! Carly is giving away two hours of coaching valued at $300 to our September fan-of-the-month. To be reminded of the contest “Like us” on Facebook.

    The SwellWomen Facebook fan who likes, comments, and shares our posts the most will win two hours of health and lifestyle coaching with The Sideways Approach. Participants must “Like” the SwellWomen Facebook page to qualify. Promotion is not associated with or endorsed by Facebook. Past winners are not eligible. 

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