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Just before our Nicaragua Retreat back in April,  Rebekah got in touch with an offer to send us a set of her Inner Wisdom Cards.  The moment I opened the small beautiful tin box with these lovely cards, I knew they would not only inspire me, but also SwellWomen guests to tap into their inner wisdom and become an integrated part of our retreats .  So of course, we wanted to know more about this woman and the inspiration these magical cards.  After a little research, we discovered that Rebekah is a Kripalu yoga and meditation teacher. She is also a writer, designer and mom. She loves to meditate and feels so grateful to have the opportunity to inspire others to do the same.  Swell Readers….let me introduce you to Rebekah from Inner Wisdom Products who is this month’s  SwellWomen Spotlight…..

Q:  Tell us about what motivated you to start your business.

I was inspired to start Inner Wisdom Products after recognizing the potential for my first product, Inner Wisdom Cards, to be successful in the marketplace.

Q:  That’s great, so tell us about your Inner Wisdom Products.

I design meditation aids to help people tap into their inner wisdom, be their best, and thrive. Currently, I am selling three versions of Inner Wisdom Cards. Other products are in the works, and I intend to release a fun & interactive card deck in time for the holidays. More products will come in 2016.

Q:  That’s fabulous news!  What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business?

Research research research. Be passionate about your business, because it’s way too much work to put into something that you’re only doing for the money. Starting a business is not like taking a job. It’s on your mind 24 seven. You need to really love what you do to make this kind of lifestyle sustainable.

I would advise anyone to plan for a very slow start. We typically hear these overnight wonder success stories from the tech world. First, I don’t believe anything is truly an overnight wonder. Second, some products or fields of work are simply not suited to “overnight success”. So take your time, be patient with yourself and your business. Find people who will support you through this, whether it’s family, friends, or a professional group of entrepreneurs.

Q:  That’s really good advice Rebekah!  What message would you give to inspire SwellWomen?

Trust yourself. Take care of yourself. Express yourself kindly and compassionately. Have FUN!

Q:  Here at SwellWomen we have a new tag line ~ HAVE MORE FUN! A quote from Arlene, one of our hilarious SwellWomen Alumni, during our Nica trip.  So to  wrap things up Rebekah, what are 3 things that give you bliss?

Meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, writing, creating new things, being with my family …..
That’s more than three things. What can I say? I love my life!

And we love what you are doing!!  Thank you, Rebekah, for your inspiring words and taking the time out for this interview  We wish you all the success in your business!!!

For more about Rebekah and her Inner Wisdom Products, check her out on her social media platforms and Bliss & Wisdom Blog.


Twitter @InnerWisdomPro

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Caroline Wybar Yoga Retreat in Tulum

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Caroline Wybar Yoga

Intensive Signature Yoga Retreat

May 28 – June 4, 2016
Tulum, Mexico

Dive deeply into your practice and discover the wellspring of vitality within!


  • Seven nights at our lovely boutique beach front property directly on a pristine white sandy beach.
  • All-inclusive food & non-alcoholic beverages prepared by our amazing on-site chef.
  • 1 off-site fun adventure
  • 2 hours of yoga on opening and closing day
  • Sunday – Friday yoga will be twice daily (Rise & Shine before breakfast / Sunset session before dinner).
  • Caroline will be reading the energy of the group closely and moving between yin, vinyasa and workshop-style class formats.  A one-on-one consultation with Caroline.
  • RT Transportation from the airport to our boutique resort.
  • All taxes & gratuity

Caroline Head ShotRATES:
Based on Double Occupancy
Super Deluxe:  $2,595 ~ 2 Spaces Available
Deluxe:  $1,995 ~ 4 Spaces Available
Standard:  $1,695 ~ 9 Spaces Available
Eco:  $1,295 ~ 2 Spaces Available

Based on Single Occupancy
Pick your room category and double the price.
*Based on Availability*



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SwellWomen & Liquid Bliss Yoga come together to Create a Blissful Retreat of a Lifetime on Maui

Jan. 24-30, 2016.

SwellCo-ed & Liquid Bliss
Surf ~ Yoga ~ SUP Yoga ~ Whale-watching & More

We are absolutely ecstatic to bring Ashley Quinn on board for the ultimate January retreat.  Here’s the scoop on this amazing Yoga & SUP Yoga Teacher….

Growing up as an athlete, Ashley Quinn understands movement, and its ability to connect herself with others. As a D-1 athlete, avid runner, and outdoor enthusiast, she discovered the practice of yoga for balance + clarity. Through yoga, Ashley has deepened her own self-awareness, gaining flexibility + strength in body + mind.

Since completing her 200 hour certification through Yoga Manjari + registering with the Yoga Alliance, Ashley began teaching throughout New Jersey.  Inspired to share the gift of yoga even more, she opened her own studio, Liquid Bliss Yoga, located on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Liquid Bliss Yoga combines her love for yoga, the beach + ocean. Her studio, and teaching style, is rooted in ancient philosophy + breath, but inspired by the fluidity, freedom + change found in the ocean. Ashley’s classes are designed for all levels, offering variations for novice to advanced practitioners.

How lucky do we feel to partner with this absolutely amazing and inspiring woman!   Read on to learn about more about Ashley, her launch of Liquid Bliss Yoga and how she inspires people all around the world:

Q:  What motivated you to start your business ~ Liquid Bliss Yoga?

Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive and deadly storm in 2012 that struck + ravaged the Jersey shore. In her path, she destroyed beaches, homes + businesses, leaving behind many without hope, ambition + optimism. Liquid Bliss Yoga was created + built after Hurricane Sandy as a space to seek serenity, peace and inspiration through the practice of yoga.

Q:  Wow Ashley ~ what a beautiful offering!  What message would you give to inspire Swell Readers & Guests?

There is no force equal to that of a determined woman! Anything is possible with grit, virtue + passion.

Q:  What has yoga/ SUP taught you about yourself?

The practice of yoga has given me the opportunity to rediscover and nurture my true self, while inspiring other women to do the same!  SUP yoga continues this discovery, keeping me much more in the moment, learning to ebb + flow with change.

Q:  What advice do you have for Swell Readers looking to find more balance in their lives?

As a wife, mom and business owner, finding balance is means for overall wellness.  Take time to nurture yourself and what is most important in your life, fueling your passions + dreams.

Q:  What are 3 things that give you bliss?

The three things that bring me BLISS!
– Sharing the gift of yoga with others + transforming bodies, minds + spirits!
– The ocean waves.  Powerful, healing + inspiring!
– Ice cream! Any flavor, any time, and always!

We are so excited for January!  Follow Liquid Bliss Yoga on Instagram and Facebook!

Follow SwellWomen on Instagram!

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Follow Your Bliss To Panama Auction

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SwellWomen – Making Dreams Come True!

Dreaming about Panama











Today we are reminded that when one follows their heart to do what makes their soul soar, anything and everything is possible. A year ago, our Chief Officer of Bliss, Lulu Agan made her dream of running a luxury experiential retreat company come true. She is feeling extremely grateful that these retreats have brought together so many amazing and inspiring women from all around the world.

As as token of our gratitude and to celebrate this past year, we are launching a Follow Your Bliss to Panama Auction! 6 Spots Will Go To The Top 6 Bidders!!

RETREAT DATES: January 10-16, 2016 (must fly in the night before)
RETREAT VALUE: US $2,095 – $2,595

Your All -Inclusive Luxe Vacation in Panama Includes:

  • Six night luxury accommodations at a gorgeous oceanfront boutique resort located on the Pacific Coast of Panama. Guests have described this area embodying characteristics of a modern day Jurassic Park. Boasting beautiful and dramatic tidal changes, stunning mountainsides, an abundance of tropical vegetation, endless wild birds and monkeys swinging through the treetops. Our location is an ideal place to unwind and escape to.
  • All-inclusive food prepared by an outstanding local chef.
  • Unlimited purified drinking water, coffee, and tea available
  • Each participant will receive a Welcome Bag valued over $225.00 which includes a complimentary Carve Designs SPF rash guard.
  • 5 x 2 hour surf lessons with professional, patient, and knowledgeable surf instructors.
  • One professional photo CD capturing your surfing highlights.
  • Yoga classes that focus on opening and strengthening the muscle groups used for surfing.
  • Complimentary use of bicycles during your stay
  • Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding is popular for water fitness, core strengthening and surf cross training. Your SwellWomen Vacation includes complimentary use of SUP boards during your day.
  • Complimentary Kayak & Snorkel Rentals
  • Experience harmony and well-being with a professional spa massage by our on-site Therapist.
  • Beach-bon-fire & Movie Night
  • RT Transportation from the airport to the villa.
Note: Gratuities are left to the discretion of the guest and based on their personal experience.

Auction Items: 6 Spots (Occupancy left to discretion of SwellWomen)
Start Date:  Immediately
Close Date:  October 18, 2015 at midnight
Bids Start at US $1995
Max Bid US $2,595.00
Terms:  6 Spots go to the highest 6 bidders
$500 deposit due upon registration which much be completed within 24 hours of winners being announced.
Balance paid in full by Dec. 9th, 2015

Follow Your Bliss To Panama

Auction ImageAuction Image

SwellWomen - Making Dreams Come True!


Starting at $1,995.00

Refresh Current Bid

  • Ending Date - 18th Oct 2015 23:59:00

Auction closed

Current bids
    Payment Details

    Payment must be made using the following method

    PayPal Auction winner will get a PayPal payment link via email.
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    Is a Co-ed Surf Camp Right for You?

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    SW_coed_logoRead any review of our women’s surf retreats, and you’ll see tales recounting the thrill of catching a wave, of bonding with new like-minded friends, of laughing and encouragement in the water, of the gorgeous food and luxurious resorts, and of generally “feeling great.” All true! And all part of the bliss we strive so hard to deliver to our guests.

    But why should the girls have all the fun? Many of our guests commented that they would love to share the Swell experience with their spouse or partner (and some of our single gals chimed in that they wouldn’t mind meeting like-minded men on a surf trip), so this year we’ve launched three new SwellCo-ed surf retreats in El Salvador, Nicaragua (couples only), and Panama!

    surf group-jumping



    So, maybe you’re wondering if a co-ed surf retreat is right for you? Let’s talk this through:


    Couple Holding Hands

    Do you have a spouse or partner with whom you’d like to share the experience of learning to surf? If yes, a SwellCo-ed is a no brainer! Maybe you’ve been with your man for a while and are looking to reconnect and reinvest in your relationship? Maybe you’re still in the throes of young love and looking for an adventure? Or maybe you and your man just need a break from the web of responsibilities we call daily life? An all-inclusive week of surf camp in paradise allows plenty of opportunity for relationship growth—in the waves, around the dinner table, or lazing under the palms in a hammock— that just can’t be accomplished at home. As a bonus, you’ll be reliving those shared moments for years to come. Promise.

    No one special in your life right now? All the more reason! In the age of tinder and online dating, what better way to meet like-minded people than to ditch the iPhone for a week and actually talk to other people? As a surfer, I’ve met some of my best friends out in the water—amazing people from all over the globe, men and women alike. In fact, the founder of SwellWomen met her husband on a surfboard! Just by virtue of that fact that you’ve booked the same trip guarantees that you’ll have some things in common—adventure, surfing, and travel—not a bad place to start. One of my favorite things about our surf camps are the incredible stories shared after a day in the surf. Strangers just a few days before, guests are encouraging each other, reliving great waves and epic wipeouts, and trading stories about their lives and travels.

    Codo Heather Oliver Surf Team

    In the extremely unlikely event that you don’t meet anyone of particular interest, let’s keep things in perspective. You’ll be in paradise, learning to surf, practicing yoga every day, feasting on fresh food, and doing something glorious for yourself. You’ll head home stronger, healthier and (oh yeah) a genuine surfer! But in all the years running surf camps, we’ve never had a group that didn’t make fast—and lasting— friends.

    The Details:

    Three NEW SwellCo-ed locations in El Salvador (March 5-12), Nicaragua (April 23-30), and Panama (December 30-January 5, celebrate the New Year!)—plus our original SwellCo-ed Maui (August 14-20). All of the camps are open to solo travelers, couples and small groups EXCEPT our co-ed Nicaragua trip, which is for couples only. Our Central America surf retreats are all-inclusive—we take care of every detail so you can relax and enjoy. Each location is a little different, so please head on over to our website for complete details.

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    I’m super excited to introduce our Special & Talented Swell Team Guest, Katy Cox from Everessence, who will be joining us at the 1st SwellWomen International Surf & Yoga Retreat taking place in Nicaragua April 11 – 18.  Katy Coconut

    Katy has been traveling the world for years working as a Private Chef & Nutritionist working for high profile clients of which titles include Queen & King…ehmmm!  Over the past couple of years she has expanded her talents to include teaching dynamic & yin/restorative yoga and a healing bodywork called ‘Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy’.  I was honored to receive a both yoga classes and bodywork in Panama last month and literally floated out of the room completely blissed out from each session.

    Following is beautiful letter for the retreat guests from Katy ~

    Katy Yoga Pose

    Hola SwellWomen,


    I am completely honored to be part of the 1st International SwellWomen Retreat in Nicaragua and look forward to sharing my gifts with such a wonderful group of Swell Women.  For me food is a form of creative expression, a practice of devotion and bringer of great joy.  As a nutritional therapist, I enjoy the exploration of food not only as an art form but also as a powerful medicine.  There is no greater pleasure than to share the results of my passion and work with others. I desire each guest too experience food that not only looks and tastes alive, but also nourishes your body on a deep level.


    I am often asked what my ‘signature dish is’ ~ a question that so often leaves me stumped. I choose to take my inspirations from the ingredients that stand out at the market or the vegetable that is ripest in the garden and often just cook with instinct rather than following recipes.  Wherever I travel, I love to draw on the flavors of the region and the season and inject my own little twist of culinary magic!  I specialize in Living foods and incorporate many ‘super foods’ into the dishes that I prepare.


    I will be sharing a simple, but delicious raw food dinner with the lucky SwellWomen guests on April 12th  as well as exploring how to incorporate a few super foods into your life in fun and delicious ways during a Raw Food Workshop on the 13th!  I will also be introducing you to a energizing Cacao Ceremony and leading an afternoon Yin Restorative Yoga session in hope to get you blissed out after working you body in the water.


    I’m looking forward to personally meeting each and every one of you at the opening SwellWomen ceremony on April 11th.



    Chef Katy


    Are you getting excited or what??!!!  For more details about Katy, please visit her website:  www.everessencenutrition.com and follow her on Instagram: @katethechef .

    Katy Action Food ShotKaty Juice


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    SwellWomen in Nicaragua

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    Celebrating over a Decade of Bliss, our surf & yoga blissful vacations bring together the joys of surfing a tropical paradise with the rewards of a health and wellness retreat.  Our retreats are designed to help women re-energize, reconnect, and relax.

    Nica House PalapaIn 42 days and counting, Swell Women from all over the world will be arriving to our new surf destination ~ Nicaragua.  There are still a few spots available, so we thought this would be a good time to officially introduce you to this pristine location in order to entice any last minute travelers seeking adventure.

    Hacienda Iguana Golf & Beach Club is a private gated community in the spectacular Tola coast of Southwest Nicaragua known as “Pacific Riviera”.  Our Ocean Front Luxury Surf Villa is located in this secure, gated community, on a pristine sandy beach.  The villa literally sits directly in front of the world class surf break Colorados and only a 5 minute walk down the beach is Panga Drops and Los Perros. Casa Colorados-18

    Our 1/2 acre Luxury Estate resides directly in front of Playa Colorado, arguably one of the best beach breaks in Nicaragua, if not in all Central America.  With no expense spared, the estate contains Granite and hardwood throughout, major appliances, plasma tvs, oceanfront pool, daily cleaning, high speed internet, and more!

    Villa Amenities

    *  Fabulous pool looking out at the world class surf break, Playa Colorado
    *  Game Room with ping pong, board games & books
    *  Fully-equipped kitchen with local Private Chef to cook daily
    *  Courtyard sitting area with fountain
    *  Separate A/C in each room
    *  Large plasma TVs, 7.1 Dolby surround sound home theater
    *  Daily Cleaning
    *  Membership access to Hacienda Iguana’s 9 hole golf course. It’s only $30/person for a round of golf, golf cart and clubs.
    *  The house also has full access to the Community Beach Club, pool, restaurant and bar located only 3 minutes walk to the south.

    Casa Colorados-4Casa Colorados-8Casa Colorados-17Sunset Yoga Palapa
    When taking a break from riding these perfect waves, activities such as golfing, boat rides, sailing and fish adventures, horseback riding, zip lines, additional massages, manicures, spa treatments or anything else your heart desires can be arranged.  We will have an appointed concierge to take care of your requests.

    Nicaragua is blessed with an abundance of good waves, 330 days of offshore winds, and sunny weather almost all year-round.  Our SwellWomen surf lessons will take place at Playa Amarillo which is a rare beach break in Nicaragua that is conducive to learning to surf.  In smaller swells, small, fat wedges pop up with the right speed and intensity for a beginner.  Playa Amarillo sits inside the wind corridor of Lake Nicaragua so it is offshore 300+ days per year.

    SwellWomen offers a wellness luxury adventure where guests are encouraged to face their dreams, not just their fears.

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    Gogh 6A couple of months ago I was introduced to Szilvia by my contact at LA Yoga. I absolutely loved her offering so ordered a few pieces to see what they were like. Needless to say, they are as beautiful as they look. After doing a little more digging, I discovered her inspiring story and was thrilled when Szilvia agreed to be our Feb. SwellWomen Spotlight.

    Here’s the scoop on this amazing designer….

    Stunt Women, Professional Scuba Diver, Jewelry Designer and Yogi; Szilvia Gogh celebrates the natural and empowers the individual. The artist’s extensive scuba diving experience melded with studies at the prestigious Budapest Art Institute spawned a beautiful complementation of natural tranquility and style with subtle European flavor. Each hand-crafted piece reflects the artist’s sense of mystery and individuality, and beckons the free spirit in every self-made women.

    Szilvia combines her passions by collecting the natural elements used for her inspirational jewelry during her travels.  She curates items such as turquoise from Egypt while filming at the Red Sea, shark tooth while diving the extreme waters of South Africa, mala beads from Nepal while trekking Annapurna and practicing yoga at the Himalayas.

    Once back in California, Szilvia combines these precious treasures with silver and transforms them into meaningful accessories that garnish mind, body and soul.

    Isn’t that AWESOME!!!  Read on to discover more…..

    Q:  Tell us about your business and what inspired you to start Gogh Jewelry?

    Jewelry can be beautiful but it can say something, too. Something empowering, healing and grounding. With that in mind, I designed a unique line of pieces where nature’s most basic elements are transformed into stunning accessories meant to celebrate life and the world around us.Gogh Jewlery 5

    I started making jewelry in my late teens out of frustration due to the lack of silver accessories for the adventure hungry travelers. I get materials to create the unique jewelry during my travels. I pair silver with semi-precious stones, like garnet, turquoise and carnelian with reclaimed wood, sea shells and beach glass.

    The LA based jewelry line materialized with the vision of balance and harmony with herself and the world surrounding. My inspiration comes from every day life challenges, my love for the ocean and travel.

    Q:  What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business?

    Don’t listen to those who keep saying that you can not do this or that… They just say it because they either did not try or did not succeed.

    Gogh Jewlery 4Q:  You’re certainly a swell woman, what message would you give to inspire SwellWomen?

    My mission in life is to find ordinary people and crack open their tiny view of the world. I do that as a scuba instructor as well as through my artfully created jewelry. By showing people what the world has to offer I change lives and get the average Joan to visit the middle east, Philippines and other places they might not otherwise visit. I encourage everyone to challenge themselves with my “Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You” necklaces – go someplace where no one speaks English but everyone understands the universal language of Humanity.

    Q:  What are 3 things that give you bliss?

    Scuba diving, travel and my familyGogh Jewlery 3


    Interested in learning more about Szilvia?  Check out the following links:

    Find her on Facebook: Gogh Szilvi
    Shop her Jewelry at www.GoghJewelryDesign.com
    Check out what scuba diver girls do at www.Miss-Scuba.com


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    NICA PROMO April 18-25With 10 awesome reasons why to consider surfing in Nicaragua, here’s the icing on the cake:

    Book our SwellWomen Luxury Surf & Yoga Retreat April 18 – 25 and save $500!!!  We are looking for 4 adventurous women who would like to follow their bliss for an All-Inclusive Price of $2,395 (based on double occupancy / happy to find you a roommate).

    First Come / First Serve

    Sign Me Up




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    When I bought Swell Women last year, expanding our surf and yoga retreats from Maui to other beautiful surf destinations around the globe was my top priority. And Nicaragua was my top choice for a second location. This Latin American country is an absolute gem—near perfect surf breaks, warm water, incredible wildlife, friendly locals, and fresh markets overflowing with tropical fruit. From the moment I arrived at Hacienda Iguana for a scouting trip, I was in love. The sun was just coming up at Playa Colorado, beautiful, organized sets were breaking right outside my front door, and the white sand beaches were empty save a few early morning surfers. In a word, it was magical, and I knew this was the experience I wanted to share.

    While one of the beautiful things about Nicaragua is that it’s an “up and coming” destination (check out these articles in Lonely Planet, USA Today and Huffington Post), it remains relatively unfamiliar to a lot of people. So, here are my top 10 reasons to consider a surf trip to Nicaragua:
    2014-11-28 10.30.25
    1.)  The surf breaks. My passion for surfing significantly outweighs my ability, so when I travel, I’m looking for clean, friendly waves– not gigantic barrels. Even when there is a big swell and the main breaks at Colorados and Pangas Drop are huge, there are almost a dozen other breaks in the Playa Colorado area offering fun, smaller waves for beginner to intermediate surfers.

    2.)  Pristine environment. Close to twenty percent of Nicaragua is protected, which means abundant wildlife, lush jungle, and pristine beaches. It is stunningly beautiful.

    3.)  Eco-luxury. While Nicaragua feels authentic and wild, the country is emerging as one of the top luxury ecotourism destinations in the world. Since the opening of Mukul, the country’s first five star resort, in 2013, a number of boutique hotels and luxury resorts have opened their doors to visitors seeking safe and comfortable accommodations. The Hacienda Iguana, where we run our surf camps, is a private, gated community with miles of private white sand beaches.Nica Sunset

    4.)  Consistent surf conditions. In most parts of the world, surfers have to wait for optimal swell and weather conditions—not in the Playa Colorado area of Nicaragua! Thanks to a year round deep-water swell and 300+ days a year of 24 hour offshore winds blowing in from Lake Nicaragua, there are beautiful waves sun up to sun down—a surfers dream!

    5.)  Adventure. There are canyons, waterfalls and volcanoes to explore, miles of white sand beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and of course amazing surf. One of the country’s claims to fame is “volcano boarding”—esVolcano Boardingsentially riding snowboard style down the side of a volcano!

    6.)  Fresh, tropical food. Every day, I drank fresh coconut water to rehydrate after my surf sessions. Trust me, there is nothing more refreshing or delicious than pure coconut water. You will definitely work up an appetite after a day of surfing, and the food in Nicaragua is so delicious. Fresh oysters, fish and lobster are brought in daily from the ocean, and avocados, bananas and mangos are picked right off the trees. Oh, and did I mention excellent rum and organic, local coffee? Paradise!
    2014-05-03 11.16.26
    7.)  Culture and history. Though I could not quite tear myself away from the waves, the cities of Granada (one of the oldest cities in the Americas) and León are rich with history and culture. Colonial-style churches, art galleries, local shops, fresh markets, coffee shops, cathedrals, and restaurants showcasing traditional cuisine are all part of the charm.

    8.)  Few crowds. One of my favorite things about visiting Nicaragua was the lack of crowds in the water. Surf etiquette is really important for safety, especially at busy breaks. But it’s blissfully wonderful to put all that aside and just focus on catching the next wave…which you can do if you’re the only one going for it!

    9.)  The people. One of the things I love most about traveling alone is the amazing people I meet from all around the world. Everyone I met in Nicaragua—from Pedro who brought out fresh coconuts every morning, to the other guests who were staying at Hacienda Iguana—were wonderful, interesting people with a shared passion for adventure, surf and travel. Whether it was out in the waves, back at the Beach Club, or over an impromptu dinner, sharing stories and experiences with the people I met was a highlight of the trip.2014-05-07 12.06.16

    10.)  Rejuvenation. We all need a break from our busy schedules and lives in order to rejuvenate, and the beaches of Nicaragua are a perfect place to do that. The bliss that comes with trying something new, being physically active, connecting with water, eating fresh local foods, and making new friends is invigorating for the body and soul. After a week of surfing in Nicaragua, I returned home full of energy, determined to share this incredible experience with other women.  Beach Club Hammack

    Have you been to Nicaragua? Or always wanted to go? What did you love? What do you want to do or see there? Please share your story in the comments!

    Swell Women is currently offering trips to Nicaragua. Please click here for dates or contact me, Lulu, with any questions.

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