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According to the New York Times Bestseller, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, there are four ways we all enjoy events in our lives: anticipation, savoring, expression, and reflection.


First, there is anticipation. These are the moments of dreaming and visualizing all that could be. Looking forward to what is to come is part of the journey. It has the power to motivate, inspire, and lift our spirits.

Second, we savor every detail. This is the experience itself. Being in the moment of that which we have anticipated. Seeing your vision come to life. In joyful times, take note of all the senses – tastes, touch, smells, sounds, and sights.

Next, there comes expression. This is the opportunity within the experience when we get to share our experience with others. By expressing our emotions we can heighten our enjoyment.

Lastly, we reflect. We look back on the joyful memories. Taking lots of pictures is a great way of keeping a visual record of the moments. Smells can also boost recall of memories often bringing up similar emotions.

Now, what prompts me to bring this up? Well, I am currently in the state of anticipation. In less than one week, I will try surfing for the very first time!

I find myself day dreaming about popping-up on my board and catching my first wave. I like to think I’m being pretty realistic about it, knowing I will fall many times before I find my balance.

Sitting on my living room floor, I’m motivated to do a couple of push-ups each night to build my muscle for paddling. Each set of push-ups ends with a practice pop-up on my imaginary surfboard while humming a tune that is meant to sound like a surf song, but reminds me more of the theme to Batman.

I’ve even been tempted to run out and buy a new swimsuit. But, alas, my budget and busy work schedule has kept me away from temptation.

As Gretchen Rubin explains on her website, “Everyone should be able to pull out a calendar and see at least a few fun things scheduled in the future weeks.” Having something to look forward to is half the fun. What are you looking forward to these days?

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We are SwellWomen and proud of it!

We are SwellWomen and proud of it!