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“All of life’s obstacles are handled better when we are healthy and fit.” -HubPages.com

Surfing can be a great way to get in a workout while having fun.  In a recent study by Auckland University, scientist outfitted surfers at a New Zealand surf competition with GPS units and heart rate monitors.  Their goal was to chart how much time surfers spend engaging in the various activities of surfing such as paddling, waiting for a wave, and riding the wave.  They also noted how strenuous each activity was by tracking the variations in the surfers’ heart rates.

What did the results show? Surfers spent nearly 54% of their time in the water paddling out to the waves and only 8% of their time riding the wave.  But perhaps even more surprising is the hidden results of the heart rate study.  Time and time again, regardless of how strenuous the surfers had to paddle, their heart rates peaked just as they finished riding their wave.