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SwellWomen asks and Lacy answers in this interview with an inspiring woman business owner. Lacy Colley is a self-proclaimed foodie from Texas now living as an expatriate on the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. She is also the creator and editor behind the travel blog, expâté (theexapate.com).

SwellWomen Business Spolight: Lacy Colley, expâté

Lacy Colley, expâté


Q: What is the purpose behind expâté and how did you come up with such a fun and creative name?

A: The idea behind expâté is to connect others living a life through travel, culture, exploration, and the unknown. I’m personally a bit of a foodie, so the name came to me naturally. Being married to a hotelier, we move and meet new people frequently, so connecting can be trivial, although very rewarding. The expat community in Anguilla has been one of the best I’ve been welcomed into, so I hope to share with others my stories and give them a taste of the multifaceted culture of the Caribbean.

Q: What has starting your own business and blog taught you?

Starting this venture in November of last year is always a writing work in progress and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for 2014. Setting off on my own as a social media consultant and founding expâté has put me in touch with a new realization – success starts with liking yourself, what you do, and how you do it. Once you have this daily positive energy in place, everything else in the universe seems to align.

Tweet: “Success starts with

liking yourself,

what you do, and

how you do it.”

– Lacy Colley, expâté


Q: Living in Anguilla sounds blissful! What other things bring you bliss?
Bliss in my daily life is my true compass and husband Todd. He supports my confidence as a driven woman, which reinforces a solid relationship with myself.
Q: As a woman in business, what lessons have you learned that you’d like to share with others?
The best lesson I’ve learned in business is to always have an abundance mentality. There is so much information to be shared, why compete, support others and fellow women. We can all learn immensely from one another and there is enough pie for us all.
SwellWomen Business Spolight: Lacy Colley, expâté

SwellWomen Business Spotlight: Lacy Colley, expâté

For more information about Lacy and her business, check out the about page of her blog here or connect with Lacy on Facebook.

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