Worldwide Escapes

Our Boutique Surf & Yoga Retreats are designed to introduce to our coaching philosophies while our intensive Wellness Retreats offer a heavy emphasis on wellness and personalized goal-setting and guidance. 


Get 1:1 Hands On & Group Coaching

Experience the wonders of a built in tribe — hands to hold tight during this transformational experience. A group to surf with, learn with, meditate with, and to hold onto forever.


Find Your Bliss

Bliss is most easily found when stepping outside of one’s normal life.  SwellWomen brings together top-notch instructors, unique destinations and experiences, up-scale accommodations, and an unparalleled level of service.


The Wellness Factor

Stop for a minute and consider the beneficial aspects of retreat life. Get bendy in paradise, learn something new, eat clean and nourish your body, work your body in a different way through a new fitness regime. Be inspired to see amazing creatures, be one with nature, feel the sun on your face….


Calendar & Registration

Dates Details Availability
April 24 - 28, 2022 SwellWomen Mexico Surf & Yoga April ’22 Open