Ericeira, Portugal


A secluded property surrounded by nature, gazes over the Atlantic from a cliff. From waking up to salt breeze on the balcony to counting waves as you fall asleep— every guest finds a ritual for connecting with the sea.

A Modern Design Above the Ocean

Enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic from a private terrace or step outside into a private garden. Our rooms blend nature and modernist architecture that both feel comfortable and inspiring.

Europe's Surf Mecca at Your Fingertips

Sun-kissed shores of Portugal’s Silver Coast meet the exhilarating world of surfing.  Our surf retreat is a transformative experience catering to all levels of surfing.

Blissful Yoga & Meditation

Reconnect with your inner self through the power of restorative yoga and meditation. You will be guided through daily yoga sessions that cater to all levels of experience, promoting flexibility and inner peace.

A Taste of Sea with a Touch of Land

Our vibrant and delicious dishes are sustainable and seasonable. We pay homage to the land and the sea, by sourcing produce from local farms and seafood fresh off the fishing boats from Peniche Harbour.


Surf & Yoga (Women Only) 

Sept 23-29, 2024 

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