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Learn. Live. Love BLISS

BLISS is most easily found when stepping outside of one’s normal life.

Take the Swellness Coaching experience on the road by joining us on one of our boutique retreats! Our SwellWomen Boutique Surf & Yoga Retreats are designed to introduce to our LIVE BLISS coaching philosophy while our intensive Wellness Retreats offer a heavy emphasis on wellness and personalized goal-setting and guidance.

Get 1:1 hands on and group coaching

and experience the wonders of a built in tribe -- hands to hold tight during this transformational experience. A group to surf with, learn with, meditate with, and to hold onto forever.

"I was lucky to participate in a SwellWomen retreat in the Mentawais, Indonesia in March 2019. Frankly, not only was it an experience that exceeded my expectations but the retreat lives on, both in my heart and on WhatsApp as we are all still in touch frequently since parting ways. I thought I was high energy until I met Lulu, who is so positive, warm, funny, and fun, that I'm grateful to have her in my life. Gina, the other team lead, was equally wonderful and they teamed up to give us a week of great surf, yoga, camaraderie, and spirit. As an experienced surfer, I went on 2 boat rides a day, to surf breaks that were working. Here was my typical day: wake up early and grab a light breakfast, hop on boat for morning surf somewhere warm and breaking, come back and rinse off, eat lunch, transformational coaching and yoga, back on boat for second session, come back and rinse off, eat dinner, pass out. Rinse and repeat. I came back physically exhausted and mentally refreshed. I could have taken it easy as Lulu says, "it's your retreat, do what you want" and that's what I did. Accommodations were great, food excellent. all well-organized activities, and a gorgeous setting. If you want to go somewhere exotic and beautiful and have a week with a bunch of great women and warm water, I highly recommend going with SwellWomen."

Debi L. from CA

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