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Are You Ready to Prioritize Your Health & Wellness with Swell360?

I'm Lulu Agan, your Chief Officer of Bliss, and I deeply understand the multi-faceted struggle that so many women like you face in the modern age, encouraged to ‘have it all’, yet endlessly pulled in multiple directions, leaving precious little time to nurture yourself. 

Swell360 is designed to help women take back control of their health and happiness, utilizing gradual changes and a supportive, spirited community to reset your balance, rediscover your power, and to find your way back home again. A sacred place to pause, catch our breath, and to nurture ourselves.

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Here's How the Swell360 Membership Can Help!

Swell360 provides a vibrant community for women to rediscover their bliss and to encourage one another in making transformational changes to their health and lifestyle. We provide you with the coaching, guidance, and accountability to take your health and happiness to the next level!

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Each Month Lulu Will Introduce You
to a New Health & Wellness Topic on Our Unique Client Platform

week 1

Intro to the Theme of the Month

We'll initiate the monthly theme with creative content to inspire and uplift you towards building a more-balanced, purpose-driven life.

week 2

Connect with Lulu & Your SwellTribe

During this first group coaching call, Lulu will help the tribe hone their blueprint for positive incremental change and provide guidance to stay motivated!

week 3

Dive Deeper Into the Theme of the Month

This week is a ‘deeper dive’ into the monthly subject; a chance to meditate on the layers and nuance that embody and accompany transformation.

week 4

Live Call: Questions, Reflection & Celebration!

The month culminates with a group coaching session to reflect on your progress, ponder new possibilities, and to celebrate your bliss!

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Other Benefits of Becoming a Member

You’ll gain immediate access to the Swell360 private WhatsApp community, where you will connect with other women striving to make their own growth a priority, as well as access to our wellness vault with past content, so you can get started on your journey right away!  Scroll down to check out past topics that are currently in the vault.

No matter what challenges are holding you back, Swell360 is designed to provide you with both the daily inspiration and the accountability to realize a total mind, body, and soul transformation!

Meet Your Chief Executive Officer of Bliss: Lulu Agan

Modern Life has Conspired to Infuse Daily Living with a Pervasive Sense of Anxiety & Stress

Feeling overwhelmed can reinforce the bad habits that accompany living in ‘survival mode,’ compromising one’s well-being and overall sense of health. 

Swell360 inspires you to take a proactive, integrative approach to your health and well-being so you can fearlessly pursue the goals that spark fulfillment within your soul. We help women find a new sense of balance and purpose. To rise above our limitations and reconnect with our limitless potential. To rediscover our vitality, inner strength and courageousness ... and we’re doing it together!

Previous Group Topics

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How Do You Respond to Others' Expectations?

When we ask ourselves how we respond to others’ expectations, we gain new insight into ourselves and how we interact with the world around us. How we engage with both external and internal expectations determine our tendencies, and understanding our tendencies can help us to make better decisions, deal more efficiently with stressors, and to more-deeply understand both ourselves and others.  

The Four Tendencies Quiz can help you to clarify your own values and expectations, and to gain new insight into making lasting changes in your relationships with others and with yourself.

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Our goal is to create a ripple effect by empowering women to live their bliss. Here's what clients have to say ...

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