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12 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Pregnant

wellness Jun 10, 2024
Ways to Practice Self-Care While Pregnant

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Carrying life is a beautiful experience, but it can take quite a physical and mental toll on your body and mind. Refresh yourself with some self-care practices. Taking a step back to prioritize your peace of mind is critical to recuperate from the stressors of pregnancy. 

1. Take a Break From Social Media

Online networks can provide a great space to share thoughts or laugh at funny videos. However, stressful content involving body shaming can trigger people during pregnancy. Take a break from your favorite platforms and go offline.

Social media breaks are also ideal for breaking routines. One study found that 10.5% of pregnant women were potentially addicted to social media. That obsession is associated with anxiety and depression.

2. Adopt a Meditation Routine

Pause and meditate. Starting your mornings with a mindfulness routine can set the tone for the rest of the day. Here are some elements to include in your practice:

  • Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises center and calm you down amid stress or discomfort. Take a deep breath for a couple of seconds before exhaling slowly.
  • Affirmations: Meditation is all about a positive mindset. Look up pregnancy affirmations or create one of your own. Even something like “I am a strong woman with a strong body” or “I am going to be a great parent” goes a long way.
  • Journaling: Consider keeping a journal to write about your pregnancy symptoms and experiences. Use it as a haven for your thoughts that you can look back on in the future. 
  • Mindful walking: Going for a walk is a nice gentle way to exercise. It's made even more meaningful if you recite a mantra or prayer while you walk. Give thanks for what you have and reflect on your life in the fresh air. 

3. Eat Delicious Food

Food is one of the best forms of self-indulgence when you’re pregnant. While you must avoid certain dishes, you still have many options to choose from and enjoy. Maintaining a balanced diet, while treating yourself, will ensure you and your baby stay strong and healthy. 

4. Stretch and Exercise

Physical activity is a great form of self-care. Intense workouts may be a no-go because of the baby bump, but you can still exercise. For example, perform a couple of stretches throughout the day. Pregnancy pilates also give your muscles a run for their money. 

You can also try swimming. Getting into the pool makes you feel lighter, so you will be more mobile throughout your routine. However, pregnant women can be more sun-sensitive, so apply sunscreen before diving into the water. 

5. Draw a Bath and Care for Your Skin

If you don’t feel like heading to the pool, stay inside and take a bath. Lounging in the solace of your tub at home is soothing. Light scented candles and relax in the warmth of the water.

Take the opportunity to pamper yourself with extra skin care products. Body scrubs remove dead skin and are softening. You can also put on a face mask while soaking. Remember to add moisturizer and lotion to lock in the hydration afterward.

6. Shop for Nice Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy changes your body in many ways. Some people try to steer clear of maternity clothing, but it can boost confidence in your body while expecting. Don’t be afraid to size up when you’re shopping.

Remember to prioritize comfort over style. However, the right pieces can help you achieve both. For example, maternity leggings hug your hips and stomach without a hitch. You can easily pair them with a tank top or tunic. 

7. Get a Nice Massage

Seek a professional who can give you a prenatal massage. This type of therapy can ease nerve pain and lessen joint swelling, both evident when expecting. 

You can also look for different massage tools. Multipurpose rollers are perfect for targeting stiffness in the back and neck. You can also apply pressure to your feet and relieve existing tension.

8. Have a Manicure and Pedicure

A manicure and pedicure are some of the most underrated ways to pamper yourself while pregnant. Sit back and let your nail technician work their magic. Aside from taking a break from the screen, you can turn off your brain. 

After an hour or less, you’ll eliminate all the dirt and grime on your hands and feet. You’ll also have the most gorgeous painted nails in your favorite color.

9. Take Naps

Self-care can take the form of naps. About 80% of women experience poor sleep during pregnancy, which influences maternal and fetal health. If you didn’t have a good night’s rest, let your body recuperate in the afternoon.

You can also look for ways to upgrade your sleeping area. Get brand-new pillows and bedding to make your bed more accommodating and comfortable than ever. 

10. Be Entertained

Many women research to prepare themselves for motherhood. While getting ready is important, don’t forget to indulge yourself with entertainment occasionally. Sometimes, all you really need is a good movie and some popcorn.

If you’re more of a reader, get a couple of books to enjoy. Music and podcasts are also great to pass the time. The auditory experience lets you multitask on busier days when chores or errands are abundant.

11. Check in With People

Pregnancy can cause mood swings. If you ever feel down, the best self-care is to reach out to people. Talk to your partner, family and friends about your feelings. Seek emotional support from people you love. 

You can also talk to a doctor for more serious situations. Discuss the pregnancy experience or explore other deeper topics troubling you. Sort out your past for a more peaceful future.

12. Decline Meetups

When you’re pregnant, you may find plenty of acquaintances wanting to catch up with you. However, even social butterflies need time to rest their wings. Always feel free to say no to meetings or reschedule when needed.

Look for a workaround if you feel guilty. Invite people to your house for a casual conversation on the living room couch. Staying at home and relaxing alone with no specific schedule can also feel great.

Take Care of Yourself

Ensure you care for yourself throughout your pregnancy. Prioritizing your well-being is an excellent way to foster your and your baby’s health. Do what you can to relax during this special time of your life.