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Lulu's Story of Losing Everything

inspirations from lulu Jul 16, 2020
lulu's story of losing everything

Today I'm being extremely vulnerable by sharing one of my personal stories of hitting rock bottom and losing everything. The intention behind sharing this story is to instill hope in those that are experiencing their worlds being tipped upside down. It's an invitation to remember that when you come from a place of love and gratitude, fear will ease away and hope will trickle in. I'm living proof that you can survive this rollercoaster ride. And I believe that we have all been here before and by remembering your own personal story of when you survived betrayal, uncertainty, loss, pain, disease, etc that you too will feel this ever knowing peace inside you. Sweet beings, you have everything you need need to thrive right now.

I’m Lulu Agan, Chief Officer of Bliss at SwellWomen and a certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach at Swellness Coaching. I’ve been inspiring women (and men) for over 17 years to take inspired action in their health and well-being, which ultimately yields to a life with more bliss. 

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