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How To Master Your Superpower

tips from lulu wellness Oct 29, 2020

You definitely have at least one superpower, and chances are you have several (some you might not be aware of yet)!

There are SO MANY amazing everyday superpowers we take for granted: teaching, parenting, cooking, music, athletics, or offering advice. You might be organized, a financial wizard, a fitness freak, or maybe your home is spotless 24/7. You get the picture.

And yet, there are probably at least a few things you struggle with.

I’ve learned something from watching my most successful clients (and also my mentors). It boils down the old saying: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Once you’ve gotten great at ONE thing, you already know how to get great at ANYTHING. You just have to apply the the same key principles: focus, attention, practice, and time.

But you also have to add an extra ingredient when you’re trying to develop a new superpower... especially if it’s an area that doesn’t come naturally to you.

This is where we tend to fall short... because we take it for granted, think we shouldn’t have to work at it, or believe that it should come naturally.

You have to work on your MINDSET. That’s the secret sauce!

Trying to muscle through being “disciplined” just doesn’t work. And it’s also not fair to yourself!

Your mindset is like a seedling that requires daily attention until it takes root: you have to add just enough water, fertilizer and sun, while protecting it from wind and harsh elements.

How do you do that?

Simple: You feed your mind with inspiration and motivation.

That could mean reading articles, watching videos, building a support system (in person or online), listening to audiobooks or podcasts, or basically doing ANYTHING that pumps you up on a near-daily basis.

And over time, with focus, attention, and practice, you’ll master your new superpower. (Just like you did with all of the other things you rock at.)

Need some ideas? Check these out:

If you’re trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or generally get in better shape, make sure you’re feeding yourself with nutrition and fitness inspiration as often as possible.

It’s one of the most powerful actions you can take, to reinforce your goals and your determination.  And if you need any additional support with health and wellness journey such as goal setting, creating a road map, overcoming obstacles that get in your way, etc, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We would love to support and guide you to success!

Have a blissful day!


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