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How To Rock Your Body Confidence

tips from lulu Aug 13, 2020

Feeling truly confident and comfortable in your own skin is something that many of us struggle with on a regular basis.

So, today I'm going to share a fun and empowering exercise to Rock Your Body Confidence… TODAY.

Before we dive into the exercise, it’s important to mention that SELF-WORTH fuels SO MUCH about your life! It’s all about realizing how important and valuable you are. And also how WORTHY you are of being treated well and living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s a little different – and a whole lot more important – than self-esteem.

Here’s a really quick example of what I’m talking about:

Let’s say you try on some shirts after an online shopping spree and you don’t like the way your arms look, or maybe you’re not pleased with your midsection. You might even realize you have low self-esteem in these areas – i.e., they don’t make you feel confident.

But SELF-WORTH lets you know that you are SO MUCH MORE than the state of your arms or midsection. AND ... it can even help you recognize that you want something different for yourself.

It can be the spark you need to make certain changes – because you know you are WORTHY of feeling AMAZING!

It’s the same as when you set boundaries for how you allow people to treat you, or decide to go after a promotion, or any other goal you want, because you are worth it!

Here’s one exercise for cultivating self-worth AND putting it to action:

This is empowering to do, and it works best if you follow every step before proceeding to the next...allowing your imagination to go wild.

1. Imagine you and I are having a chat exactly 12 months from today …

You have had your best 12 months EVER and stayed on track with your goals, what would the vision of your health and well-being look like?  What stories would you be sharing with me? What goals did you commit to that made you feel so dang good? Take a minute to think about this, and write the story that comes mind.

2. Now, imagine how living those last 12 months made you FEEL… what did your days look like … what were your energy levels like? How much more confidence do you have now? How did you feel when you went out with your friends? In your relationships? Write it all down!

3. Next, once you have crystal clear clarity on that vision and how it feels, think about the DECISIONS you’re making now that you are rocking you bliss. What choices are you making now that you feel inspired and motivated? How are you spending your time? How often are you working out? What are you doing for your nutrition? Write it down :-)

4.  Lastly, take one last look at those decisions and let me ask you a question, "What is stopping you from making those decisions RIGHT NOW?" If you want to create a new reality, you have to put these into action.  TODAY!

This exercise is to encourage you to EMBODY the person you think you will become in 12 months, and to live as that person TODAY! 

Your #1 mission is to spend your days as the person who has already achieved what your heart desires.  The person that is prioritizing their health and happiness.  

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