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Stellar Life Podcast: Find Bliss with Lulu

inspirations from lulu press spotlights Dec 18, 2023
Find Your Bliss with Lulu Podcast

Last month our very own Chief Officer of Bliss, Lulu Agan was featured as a guest on the Stellar Life Podcast.

In the podcast, Lulu shares her inspirational journey, how she navigates the ups and downs of life and rising from rock bottom. Through the SwellWomen Surf & Yoga Retreats and Swellness Coaching empowerment programs, Lulu inspires and encourages women to connect with their truth and power, embrace their passion and rock their bliss every day. 

Photo by Surf Photo Goofy.

Read and watch or listen below to learn and be inspired by Lulu’s insights and wisdoms in her latest Stellar Life Podcast Interview. 



We hope you remember to lean into your fears, embrace them to break through plateaus and find bliss in your life. With that we leave you with a quote from Lulu….

“Connect to your truth and power. Identify your desires, pursue them without fear, and eliminate obstacles and limiting beliefs through a change mindset.” 

For the full episode guide and show notes, visit Orion’s Method Presents Stellar Life Podcast Interview ~ Find Your Bliss with Lulu Agan.

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