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inspirations from lulu tips from lulu Apr 08, 2024
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Image by Federico Vanno

Aloha, beautiful souls of the SwellWomen community!

Every day, we embark on journeys of self-discovery, courage, and growth. It's not always an easy path, but it's one that we travel with grace, strength, and the support of our sisters in surf and soul. 

To help guide and uplift us on this journey, I've crafted a series of positive affirmations specifically for you – the incredible women who make up our community. These affirmations are designed to empower, inspire, and remind us of our inner strength and the beauty of our collective journey.

Affirmations for the SwellWomen Community

  •  I am the entire ocean in a drop:  Within me lies boundless strength, grace, and the unstoppable force of life itself. Every wave of life I ride and each moment of stillness I experience brings me closer to my limitless potential.  My truest self."
  •  I am surrounded by a community of strong women: Together, we lift each other up, celebrate our successes, and navigate challenges with compassion and resilience.
  •  I embrace my journey with open arms: Each day brings new opportunities for growth, discovery, and joy. I am exactly where I need to be.
  •  I am a beacon of light and positivity: My energy inspires those around me, and I am uplifted by the energy of others. Together, we shine brighter.
  •  I am anchored in the present moment: I let go of past worries and future fears. I am grounded in the now, where peace and contentment reside.
  •  I honor my body as the vessel of my soul: I nourish it with healthy foods, energizing movements, and restorative rest. My body is my ally on this journey.
  •  I am open to the flow of the universe: I release control and trust in the journey. The universe guides me in mysterious and beautiful ways.
  •  I speak kindness to myself and others: My words are filled with love, encouragement, and positivity. I uplift myself and those around me with the power of my words.
  •  I celebrate every victory, big or small: Each achievement is a testament to my strength and dedication. I acknowledge and celebrate my progress.
  •  I am a creator of my own bliss: Happiness is a choice I make every day. I find joy in the simple moments and the grand adventures.

As you move through your day, I encourage you to repeat these affirmations, write them down, or even share them with a friend. Let them be a source of strength, comfort, and empowerment.

Remember, the power of our thoughts shapes our reality, and by affirming our worth, strength, and joy, we pave the way for a life filled with love, success, and true fulfillment.

With oceans of love and empowerment,