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Top 5 Surf Essentials for Solo Women Surfers

surfing travel Jun 17, 2024
Top 5 Surf Essentials for Solo Women Surfers

Written By Ann Hawkins

Surfing is a wonderful sport of riding breaking waves towards the shore. To many, it's a spiritual experience. Surfers swear by the best rides of their lives that comes only once in a while. The thrill and feel of this sport are unmatchable.

According to them, it’s highly addictive and it's one of the most popular board sports ever invented. It’s proven by the steady rise in the number of surfers every year. According to Statistic Brain, there are 23 million surfers worldwide and this number is growing fast.

Till recently it was considered as a male-dominated sport but lately many female surfers have started to hit the waves and highlight their talents. Although a women’s professional circuit began in 1977, it was only in the mid-90s that women took up surfing in large numbers. Today it's a delight to see so many female surfers in crystal clear waves.

It's even more delightful to see many solo female surfers on the seashore these days. So if you are one such wonder woman and planning to go out on a solo surf here are five surf essentials that you mustn't forget:

1. Wait for the right time and travel smart

Before you finalize your surfing destination and the time to travel, it’ll be wise to check the seasonal forecast of the place. You know the best about how big wave you can tackle, so look for the swell forecasts and plan accordingly. If you prefer smaller waves and the forecast is showing biggest waves, you can easily opt out and plan when the waves are favorable for you.

Also, once you finalize your destination, plan your travel so that you reach the place in the daylight. Reaching a place well in time gives you a considerable amount of time on hand to rectify if in case something goes wrong. Remember if you are a woman and you are traveling solo, some destinations are not the friendliest. Travel smart and be prepared.

2. Your favorite board and a spare one

First thing that you need for surfing is a great surfboard, no-brainer, eh!  Even if you plan on buying a surfboard on your destination, it's always good to carry your favorite surfboard along. It’s such a relief to have a board handy in case you discover that all the shops are closed on the day of your arrival.

Also having different size of surfboards would give you an edge on tackling different size of waves. This is the reason why experienced surfers show up on the beach with more than one surfboard tucked under their arms. Wavestorm Surfboards is a great choice if you are not sure yet what surfboard you should invest in. If you are a great fan of SUP surfing, Wavestorm Paddle Board would be perfect for you.

.3. Sun Protection

Surfing means you’ll have to spend long days at the beach and if it's hot and sunny you’ll have to be an expert in protecting yourself from the harsh sun. So having lots of good sunscreens, and a good pair of sunglasses gets critical.

If you have a favorite brand of your sunscreen that you suspect won't be available at your travel destination than bring lots and lots of it. Apply the sunscreen generously, especially on your butt and legs.
Tip: Keep an extra pair of shades in case you lose or break one.

4. No-fail surf outfits

For a good surfing experience, you need to find the outfit that suits you the best. Best is to look for items designed for women surfers by women surfers. They know what women need!
Whether it’s a bikini, a shortie or a rashie and leggings, pack the outfit that you are most comfortable and confident in. However, wearing a rashie is highly recommended by expert female surfers as it not only protects you from the sun burns but also protects your chest from board rash.

Also, keep in mind that the water is strong and you need to have such clothes on that won’t fall off on impact. Here, shorts with drawstrings really work.

5. Some health and safety basics, extra gear

Although you get all the basic drugs that you might need in any town in the world, it's always smart to carry some first aids goods with you in case of emergencies. Band-aids, tweezers, gauze, painkillers, muscle-relaxant, stomach-medicine, surgical tape, antiseptic wipes, antibacterial cream, elastic bandages, general antibiotics and menstrual products are some of the essentials that you must carry. Also, a pair of reef booties and earplugs designed for swimming are a must to save you from sea urchins and unwanted ear infections.

You must also carry some extra gears with you as you never know what might get damaged in the action. A set of fins, leash, leash-cord and a duct-tape are some of the essential gears. It's also a good idea to carry wax along with the traction pads (in case the wax doesn't do the trick).

For more tips and information for beginner surfers, check out this guideSo ‘hang loose’ ladies, grab your surfboards and conquer the world.

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