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Top Overlooked Productivity Hack

tips from lulu wellness Mar 18, 2024
top overlooked productivity hack

Photo by Antoni Shkraba

Let’s talk about the most overlooked — and underappreciated! — productivity hack out there…

Taking regular breaks during the day!

The problem with taking breaks is that it can feel like you’re slacking…

But you’re not. Any here’s why:

  • Being “always on” can lead to burnout and make you less effective.
  • Researchers who analyzed 80+ studies found that taking regular breaks can keep you feeling energized AND increase your productivity.

The key is to make sure you follow a few guidelines.

What you do during your breaks — and how long they last — most definitely matters.

Ways to get the most out of your productivity-boosting breaks

  • Going outside for a walk is better than stretching at your desk
  • Being active during your break can give you a quick shot of energy
  • In the morning, think about short, frequent breaks — even if it's just to grab a healthy snack or look outside
  • Later on, longer breaks can be more effective
  • If you work at home, hanging out with your pet can give you a boost of feel-good energy
  • Spending time on social media isn’t the best idea: it can actually leave you emotionally exhausted AND reduce your creativity

It’s true, some of this can be easier said than done. If you’re on autopilot (which so many of us are!), it can be hard to check in and notice how you’re using your energy or if you need a break…

And before you know’re too tired to move your body. You start skipping your meditations. And all of a sudden, you’re starting over again and we absolutely don’t want that.

Hope this list helps you sustain your energy throughout the day!

~ Lulu, Chief Officer of Bliss @SwellWomen