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Ways to Shore Up Your Mental Health

lifestyle wellness Nov 06, 2023
ways to shore up your mental health

Photo by Avrielle Suleiman on Unsplash

Your mental health matters as much as your physical well-being. When you have good mental health, you can maintain a positive attitude and have the clarity you need to make sound decisions. Just like your body needs exercise from time to time, your mental health also needs a tune-up every once in a while. Today, SwellWomen brings you some out-of-the-box ways to boost your mental health.     

1. Practice Yoga

Yoga offers a multitude of benefits for both the mind and body. It promotes physical well-being by enhancing flexibility, strength, and balance. Regular yoga practice can also alleviate stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity, and enhance overall emotional well-being through relaxation techniques and mindfulness. It supports cardiovascular health, aids in better posture, and can even help with weight management.

Moreover, yoga fosters a sense of community and personal growth, encouraging individuals to develop self-awareness and connect with their inner selves. Overall, the practice of yoga offers a holistic approach to health and well-being, promoting physical fitness and mental harmony.

2. Work from Home More Often

You likely spend many hours every week commuting to work. Once there, you have to interact with co-workers, attend many meetings, and get through many tasks. It can all be a little overwhelming. You should consider working from home more often, if possible. You can save time and spend it on healthful activities like extra sleep, more time with family, exercise, and preparing nutritious meals. It will all benefit your mental health.

Be careful about your diet as you work from home. It is easier to fill up on unhealthy snacks and sugary beverages when you walk through your own kitchen throughout the day. And watch your caffeine intake, too. Remember that soda – including non-cola options – still often contain caffeine, so check the packaging and moderate your intake so you don’t ruin your chances of a good night’s sleep.

3. Pursue a Career Change

Some jobs are harmful to your mental health. It may be that the work is not fulfilling enough, you aren’t paid enough, or the environment is outright toxic. In such cases, a career change will make you more successful – and lead to better mental health.

You can return to school for a degree for better prospects. Online degree programs are an option if you want to earn a degree while working full-time or looking after your family. When looking for an online school, make sure it’s accredited and pick one with competitive tuition rates. And if you have a passion for helping others, you could pursue the process of teacher certification through a flexible platform that can accommodate your schedule.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

4. Start a Nonprofit

If you are passionate about a specific cause, consider making it your career. Starting a nonprofit can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to take something that is dear to you and make it your full time job. And getting started isn’t that hard, although there are several very important steps to complete.

You’ll first need to decide what you will focus on, and what type of nonprofit structure you will choose. Then, choose a board of directors who will help to guide you and bolster your fundraising efforts. Complete the other state-specific paperwork and you’ll be on your way to making a difference in your community, state, or even the globe!

5. Spend Time in Nature

Nature is naturally healing and acts as a balm for your busy brain, says the American Psychological Association. Strolling through a nearby forest, walking barefoot in the grass, and “forest bathing” are some nature-related activities that can rejuvenate and revitalize you mentally. You can also bring nature home by planting a garden or getting some potted plants indoors.

Even simply spending more time outdoors can be helpful. Try taking regular walks around your neighborhood or at a nearby park. You’ll appreciate the fresh air and the light exercise.

6. Connect with Positive People

The people you surround yourself with massively influence your thoughts and, consequently, your mental state. If you make it a point to interact with positive, well-meaning people, you will have an easier time feeling joyful and optimistic. If you interact with negative people, on the other hand, you’ll find it harder to maintain a positive mental state.

7. Create Something Meaningful

There’s nothing more satisfying and affirming than creating something meaningful. This could be something small like an art project or a piece of music. It could also be something large - like starting your very own business. Doing what makes you happy consistently will only benefit your mental state.

8. Maintain an Achievements Journal

An achievements journal is a record of every deed you’re proud of, big or small. Some examples are staying in an exercise routine, eating healthy, avoiding alcohol, achieving career goals, and doing meaningful things. Writing your achievements down every night and going over them once in a while can give you a great self-esteem boost.

Find Your Path to Mental Wellbeing

Nearly one in five US adults have a mental illness, reports the NIH. Look after your mental health actively if you want to avoid problems. Pursuing the activities we mentioned above –like organizing your home, working remotely, taking online courses to spur a career change, and starting a nonprofit – will allow you to maintain positive mental health long-term.