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Why All Women Should Travel Solo

travel Jul 08, 2024
Why All Women Should Travel Solo

People fear traveling alone. And telling women to travel solo is not an easy task. Many people have misconceptions regarding solo travel arrangements. I am not sure, but I guess that someone thinks something terrible can happen if they do not travel with their partners or friends.

But the reality is far from the thought and fear that many people hold. It is more fun and adventurous to book your flight, pack your travel bag, and travel to your preferred destination all alone (or should I say in the company of strangers?).

If you have been fearing to travel alone as a woman, then you are missing out on the positive part of it and the opportunities that come with the same. Here are some of the reasons why you should plan and travel alone this season.

1. You Have Total Freedom of Choice

The ability to do the things you really like comes when you have time and space for yourself. Think about the food you have avoided when you are in the company of friends or family members.

And it is not only food. The activities you engage in, the places you visit, and how you spend your holiday are all in your hands. Nobody can control your moves or actions - except, of course, you break the law. And I hope you are not planning to travel in order to cause trouble.

But while you have the freedom to do all you want, it is advisable to make yourself familiar with the place to stay away from trouble and make your tour a sweet experience. Remember to carry your travel guide and map and make prior inquiries about the various cuisines the restaurants serve.

2. It Teaches You to be More Resourceful

Sometimes we do not know about our abilities until we bump into situations by either accident or through our mistakes. Planning solo travel can help you bring out the potential in you as a woman. It happens that the fears we have about inconveniences hold opportunities you can grab to make your experience even better.


Take for example you planned to meet a connection in the city you are visiting but it turns out they are out of town for other business. You will have to learn to stay “lonely” and figure out things by yourself. That is the time you will learn that finding and booking a hostel or room is not as challenging as you thought.

Another challenge you can meet traveling alone is when you discover that the social activities or sports you usually enjoy are not available for foreigners in the country you landed in. But that should not discourage you. If surfing is not available, try dirt biking with KTM motorcycles. The open-practice season will help you start a new adventure you never thought of before.

3. Learn to Be Yourself

Are you worried about your appearances to the point that you want to change yourself? I would ask you to stop focusing on your looks and work on personality. Traveling solo allows you to learn more and appreciate who you are as a person - rather than worrying about your physical appearance. 

Unlike when you are with your mates, solo travel allows you to see more people. You get to notice that people are all different. From shapes, sizes, color, and everything, there are no two people with similarities. You are unique, and you have to appreciate that.

4. Meet New People

Making new connections seems tough especially to people in a foreign land. When you are out with your friends, you cannot start conversations with strangers without them questioning your social skills. But you have the freedom when you are alone to make as many friends as you want.

When you hang out (with strangers or alone), people will notice you and will want to learn more about your experience, your origin, what you are into, and offer to give you a helping hand. It can be another traveler offering to carry your luggage on their roof rack or a local showing you directions.

5. It Promotes Self-confidence

A lack of confidence in yourself can be disastrous for your life as a woman. Gaining the confidence to fly out on your own and staying in a foreign land for a while is a booster to start believing in yourself.

Being alone out there also helps you to explore some of the places you have little knowledge about the inhabitants, weather, animals, etc. You can even try out surfing by the beaches to gain confidence with the swelling waters.


It is easy to find people to mislead you than those who inspire you. Personality matters if you want a fulfilling life. And you have seen how solo traveling helps you in developing yourself and growing your limits. You can now start packing your travel bags for the holidays. Make sure nobody knows about your ambitions. For additional information on Travelling Solo, check out this guide